Civil Rights

As a consequence of handling criminal cases, my area of expertise expanded to include civil rights litigation, in particular, police misconduct claims and/or prisoner claims. These types of claims occur as a result of a citizen’s negative interaction with law enforcement. While many law enforcement officers are respectful of an individual’s rights some are not. I have personally observed police officers using excessive force. That experience had a lasting impact on my sense of justice, and has motivated me to assist others whose rights have been violated. Fourth Amendment Civil Rights violations occur daily in this country. It is important to seek justice for victims of this type of abuse, and equally important to weed out the “bad apples” that give law enforcement a black eye. I’ve handled hundreds of these types of cases since 1983, most are litigated in federal court. They include cases where individuals have been killed and/or seriously injured by law enforcement, as well as prisoners mistreated in jail or prison, ie., jail suicides, inadequate medical care and/or wrongful incarcerations.

Recently, I represented Jose Holmes. Jose, was one of the victims in the infamous Danziger Bridge incident. He was a recipient of one of the largest civil rights settlements ever paid by the City of New Orleans.