Criminal Law

Growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Amish Country), my dream was to become a criminal defense attorney. In 1976 I graduated from Penn State University with a Political Science Degree. Finances were tight so before enrolling in law school I worked for three years in home construction, commercial sandblasting and at the Lancaster newspaper. After starting Loyola Law School of New Orleans in 1979 I joined the Law Clinic to gain trial experience. By the time I graduated in 1982 I had tried several criminal jury trials and a number of civil judge trials including a trial in Federal Court. When I graduated I joined a small criminal defense firm. In 1985 I started my own firm with a former law school classmate. Within months I was handling all types of criminal cases in southern Louisiana. Since then I’ve handled over a thousand criminal cases in state and federal court in Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and California. In the majority of those tried before a jury I’ve achieved better results then were offered in plea deals.

I continue to handle criminal cases in both state and federal court.